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Frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Chiropractors crack your back?

A: Chiropractors perform specific adjustments to dysfunctional joints in your body. Sometimes you will hear a “crack”. These sounds come from the Nitrogen gas cavitations within your synovial fluid within your joints. This whole process helps increase range of motion and decrease pain.

Q: Is visiting a Chiro safe?

A: In short yes. Chiropractors are University educated primary health care providers. A minimum of a bachelors and masters degree and 800 hours of anatomy and physiology training and clinical placements are requirements to hold registration. As with any treatment there is a risk, albeit small risk of side effects. These will be explained before any treatment is provided.

Q: Why choose Canberra City Chiro over the others?

A: CCC is an evidence-based clinic with a multi-modal focus on getting you out of pain. That means at least 30 minute appointments and a combination of Chiropractic, physio, and exercise rehab techniques. You can expect a tailored and personalized approach from your first visit.

Q: What should I expect from my first appointment?

A: First appoints run from up to an hour. Please make sure you wear comfortable clothes (shorts preferred). Your chiropractor will run through a history, examination, consent and an explanation of your treatment and other findings. If necessary additional tests may be ordered. After consent is taken treatment and rehab exercises are provided.

Q: Do I need to keep coming even after I am out of pain?

A: Some people worry that they will be placed on extended treatment plans and be milked out of their hard earned after seeing a Chiro. At Canberra City Chiro we focus on individualised care. We accept that there is no size fits are and we endeavour to work within the budget and schedule of the patient. In saying that some patients find that a regular checkup help with keeping their musculoskeletal concerns in check. This is always an option but never a requirement.

Q: I crack my own back and it gives me relief is that safe?

A: Maybe, hearing a click in your back while performing good stretches is usually benign and safe. However if you need to crack your own back or neck to feel normal and our of pain that is usually not a good sign and you should seek help. A chiropractor may help.

Q: Can I claim with my health fund after my appointment?

A: Yes, CCC has HICAPS facilities and also services DVA white/ gold card holders. EPC or GP referrals are also accepted.

Q: How many treatments do I need to feel better?

A: It depends on many factors. However most patients feel substantially better after just their first appointment. Like with any treatment results vary.

Q: To what age does your services extend to?

A: Chiropractic Care is suitable for most ages including toddlers.

Q: I Have a Question that’s not listed here, how do I get an answer?

A: Have a look on our blogs section, we cover a lot of commonly asked topics (hyperlink). If your questions are still unanswered shoot me an email on or a text on 0466034665.

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Canberra City Chiro is located in the medical centre of Deakin. The clinic is located within Canberra Hypnotherapy Clinic. We have access to the latest manual therapy technologies as well as a waiting area for patients.

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